In the Kitchen

By: Isabella Briggs

In the kitchen, there is a secret door. It leads to an unused pantry. Mom has always kept the key with her. She will not let me through the door.

One day, I decide. I will go down there. She can not keep me from the pantry forever. I steal the key. I run and unlock the door before she can stop me. I enter the room. Just then, I stop. Everything stops. Suddenly, they are there. Memories I did not know I had. Things I did not know had happened. I feel the sorrow and pain of the past. I run from the room. I slam the door shut, locking it tight. I search the house for mom, but I can no longer find her. I know why. She has fled. She always knew  what was there. She had only been trying to protect me. To save me from the pain. Now she is gone because she knew i saw everything. She knew I saw everything. She knew i went against her only wish. So i wait. I wait. I wait until I can wait no longer. Why did I wait? In the beginning, I had hoped she would return. That she would except my apology. She never did either.

In the kitchen, there is a light. It went out long ago. Without mom there to change out the bulb, it will never turn back on.