About Us – Summer 2020

About Us: 

This summer, ten young writers came together despite the challenges of the pandemic to hone their craft with the help of seasoned faculty and each other’s insight. At the digital Stevenson University Summer Writers’ Workshop, students explored new literary frontiers through poetry, short stories, micro-essays, and even songwriting, across a variety of genres! The online setting allowed students to experiment with different ways of working together, on not only writing, but other mediums.

This year was certainly a challenging one for our students and faculty at the Writers’ Workshop. In their pieces, many attempted to reflect the unsteadiness and stark difference of this year from others. The writers were inspired by the digital medium, Covid-19’s effect on society, and the torrent political climate that continues to accompany it. Writing this summer has helped students make good use of the feelings that riddled each and every one of them over the quarantine, and turn something negative into a positive.

Guiding Principles / Ethos of our Magazine:

We have decided that we want our camp magazine to be brave, bold, unashamed, engaging, thoughtful, diverse, chilling, and wistful. We also prioritized genre diversity: so, we want this magazine to include poems, fiction, and micro-essays/creative nonfiction. We have selected pieces, edited, and sequenced them according to these principles


Isabella Briggs is a short story writer and poet. Along with writing, she enjoys both the performing and visual arts (and being stuck at home has led to many impromptu performances and projects). As a rising junior at Dulaney High School, she hopes to pursue further education and perhaps a career in the arts.


Teigan Caldwell has always loved to write. Her favorite genres include poetry, realistic fiction, traditional fiction, fantasy, grimdark, and, on occasion, comedy. She practices developing an atmosphere and plot by writing small scenes and fanfictions, and a mix of action and dialogue by roleplaying with others.


Annie Cullinane is a fifteen-year-old author participating in the camp. She also enjoys knitting! Her writing journey began around three years ago. Annie has made progress, and she hopes to put her best foot forward! She typically composes horror pieces, tragedies, and poems.


Lily High is a fiction writer who has been writing for most of her life. She enjoys writing analysis essays, fantasy, and short poems. She lives in Baltimore, Maryland with her parents and plants, Audrey, Gerald, Cole, Liam, Luke, and Leia.


Mac Jensen is a newly rediscovered writer who has had a particular interest in fiction from a young age. Through this camp, he has found a previously unknown passion for micro-essays and poetry that he hopes people will enjoy.


Aili Miller is a fiction writer and poet. Now a rising eighth grader, she has been writing for the past five years. She loves writing and editing stories. Her goal is to be a published writer by twelfth grade. She loves to read, write, and have fun with her friends and family.


Paul O’Connor lives in Stevenson, Maryland, and has been practicing creative writing for three years. He primarily enjoys writing short stories, and his writing style could be described as detailed and wordy. He enjoys character-driven books, and lately, has been enjoying poetry and short stories.


Amy Rose is mainly a fiction and short story writer. She has written for several years and most of her writing experience is from school projects. She loves to read, write, and spend time with her three pets.


Joey Schuman says hi! Joey is a dancer, writer, and all-around culture nerd. He is a rising senior at Baltimore School for the Arts, and has spent summers dancing in New York, San Francisco, and was supposed to be in Chicago this summer (thanks, COVID!). Joey loves to write about magic, feelings, and beautiful things.


Yana Vaiman is a writer who aspires to write a book some day. She has been writing for only a couple years, but it is a passion of hers. She has a loving and supportive family.