About Us – 2019 Workshop

Some of Maryland’s most creative young writers came together at Stevenson University this summer for the Stevenson Summer Writers Workshop: five days of learning their craft, working on writing mechanics, and making new friends. They practiced everything from letter writing, to creative non fiction, to song writing and poetry. The writers had a chance to connect candidly with their teachers at a student-faculty lunch and met the nationally ranked slam poet, Lady Brion. They wrote, edited, and designed for a literary magazine to showcase their talent and dedication.

To start each day, students attended a multi-genre workshop to acquaint themselves with different types of writing and be pushed out of their comfort zone by sharing their work. They then broke off into different classes for the rest of the day, like character development, memoir, and poetry based on art. At the end of the day, they worked on the literary magazine, including working with the letter press. These experiences allowed them to learn new things about writing and their fellow authors.

— “About Us” by Liberty Diaz, Naomi Horner, and Annie Cullinane