Summer 2022 About Us

In the last week of June in the summer of 2022, 12 students of vast and varying backgrounds came together at the Stevenson Summer Writer’s Workshop. They hoped their experience would allow them to meet creative, new people and hone their writing skills. During their week together, they participated in workshops and classwork. They learned poetic and narrative techniques, including collaborative writing and form poetry. Writing villanelles was a particular favorite.

They enjoyed the natural beauty of the Greenspring campus of Stevenson University. The fruit snacks and Capri Suns were great. They also worked on arts and crafts that allowed them to express themselves creatively and displayed their writing and art pieces to their classmates and the public. The Workshop was a great experience that allowed the participants to stretch their minds and flex their creative muscles. Their biography are below and a sample of their creative work are on the adjoining page.

About Us

Kendall Kelly is from Timonium, Maryland. She fell in love with writing in second grade, even though her work at that time was questionable at best. She kept writing and has kept with it to the present. She hopes to publish her first book before age 16. She also loves reading, acting, and volunteering.

Zoey Reed resides in Maryland with her mom, big brother, and big sister. She goes to Odenton Elementary! Zoey likes to sing, dance, and annoy her big sister. Zoey started writing at a very young age; she knows writing is her true passion and her genuine desire. When Zoey writes, she creates a whole new world. She makes happiness that she wants to give to others. The warmth of writing brings joy to her heart! She believes she can show passion, love, and desire in her writing. When Zoey writes, it is like a sweet hum in everyone’s ears. For her, writing is like a sweet dream.

Olivia Yoo is from Brooklyn, NYC, but she lives in Singapore. She lives writing and illustrating graphic novels, as well as writing short stories. She has been writing for eight years. She has written many stories over the years. She especially enjoys writing argumentative essays about something she knows well about to share with the audience. Outside of writing, she loves to do art and play video games with her friends.

Yana Vaiman likes creative writing and poetry but prefers creative writing. She has been writing for almost ten years and has a book in the making. In her earlier years of writing, she had a blank book whose pages she filled with her short poems. She enjoys photography and plays tennis.

Sophia Kantsevoy resides in Maryland. She enjoys writing fantasy novels and short stories. She’s been writing since 1st grade and wrote a full book in 5th grade. She hopes to write and publish a full actually-good novel in the future! She enjoys both watching and participating in musical theatre. She’s looking forward to participating in her second musical later this summer!

Corrine Reed attends Anne Arundel High School, where she is an upcoming sophomore. She began writing at the ripe age of 8, and her passion never died out. As her writing skills improved, she strayed away from the silly one-page short stories. She started writing about things that truly interested her.

Mia Duarte is an extrovert who enjoys writing huge fantasy dynasties for no reason and fan-fiction for her own eyes only! She is the editor of her student literary magazine club, where she just ends up publishing her poems and such. She enjoys drawing and any other form of creating in her free time and never cleans her room.

Amy Rose Wagenheim is a fiction and poetry writer. She enjoys reading and hanging out with her friends and pets. She attends Carver Center For Arts and Technology in the literary department. Her favorite kind of stories to read and write are sad stories. Through Carver, she will write a book in her senior year.

Aili Miller is a poet and short story writer, and her favorite genres are fantasy and romance. She is an upcoming sophomore at Mercy High School and is excited for her next three years there. Out of school, she enjoys ballet and working with animals. She hopes to continue to improve her stories and branch out to different writing forms.

Bella Fauser is a fantasy book lover and enjoys writing short stories in her free time. She is obsessed with Harry Potter and is addicted to candles with pumpkin scents. While she is excited about her future in the English element, she is nervous about starting high school and taking honors English. Outside of camp/school enjoyment, she hangs out with her friends in the neighborhood and is always outside. She also adores reading and lets her mind flood into the story itself. But, writing is her strong suit, and she hopes to carry it with her through high school and into her college career.