First blood

Created by Autumn Bryant, Hannah Humphries, Dawn Lucas, Jen Pickett, David Warner, and Roni White, First Blood is a third-person action and adventure game. A similar concept as to The Last of Us and Dishonored, First Blood is about Brielle, who is proficient in crafting technology, and must use her talented skills to save humanity from the plagues of Egypt, while trying to survive and keep her younger brother, Jax, safe. Brielle is very strong minded, yet selfish, because she strives to keep her brother, her only family left, safe from the plague. 
The story begins with Brielle and Jax having to survive on their own without their parents, who they no longer have to watch over them. They live among the lower class of society, while the upper class believe they can use their wealth to survive during the plague. As the story continues, the plague begins to infect a majority of the population, including the upper class, and Brielle fights the plague while also helping others along the way to set a good example for her younger brother. 
This video game faces many obstacles and teaches players when it is the wrong and right times to be selfish in a world full of hate and challenges.