Level 2: Provocation

At Ogden Morrow’s 73rd birthday, while Parzival and Art3mis are drink digital drinks, dance around in zero gravity, and listen to ’80s tunes. As we know, Parzival and Art3mis have a long distance relationship, so it’s obvious Parzival had started developing “real” feelings for her. During the party, Wade tells Art3mis, “I’m in love with you” (Cline, Ready Player One, 186). She ignores him at first, but then they get into a intense argument about whether it’s possible to love someone you don’t know. However, their argument is interrupted when the Sixers blow a hole in the club and invade, attempting to kill Art3mis and Parzival. The fight ends when Og comes out and blasts all the Sixers with magical red lightning bolts, instantly getting rid of them.

Will Wade become distracted from winning the prize because he’s upset with what happened with between him and Art3mis? Should Wade had went to the party? What would of happened if Art3mis got hit by one of the Sixers?

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