Final Assignment

The goal of your final project is to remix one story from Americanah into a digital publication. You should select one scene or narrative thread you find most compelling to translate into an interactive experience. In order to do this you need to deeply understand the main point of this story, the motivations of the characters, and the geography of the setting. Research will help inform your work.

This project will be split into four parts:

  1. A proposal
  2. A bibliography
  3. A written script
  4. An interactive story

  • This should be 350-400 words long, with a visual. Think of this as your pitch.
  • It should explain your inspiration – citing specific sections of the novel.
  • It should contain at least one outside source that provides critical analysis of the subject.
  • It should describe the platform (digital tool) and why you chose this medium.


  • Five to seven sources on your subject, including at least two scholarly sources from the library database, two popular media sources, and one literary analysis.
  • Each source should have a 250 word annotation that summarizes and evaluates the source.


  • Aim for a 3-5 minute experience, which translates to 2-3 pages of text.
  • This script can include dialogue, story description, narrative, and research.
  • This must be revised and edited carefully, including the correct spelling of characters and places. Must be in MLA format with citations.

Interactive Story

      • This can be a game, comic, map, VR/AR experience, or podcast.
      • This is the visual representation of your script.
      • Tools include:

I recommend working in groups of 2 or 3 students, and each group member should have clear responsibilities. You will have two weeks in class to work on this project. Each group must meet with me for a review of your project the week of May 6th.

You will post the pitch by class time on 4/22 with category “final” and tags “final” and “proposal.” You will post the final, including the script, a link/embedded interactive element, and the bibliography by midnight on 5/10 with category “final” and tag “final.”

Provocation Assignment

Throughout the semester you will notice “provocation” assignments built into our syllabus. These tasks are often broken into groups and correspond to longer works of fiction. Provocations are meant to provide context and support for your student-led discussions in class.

If you are in charge of posting a provocation you must:

  • Read the assigned text very closely and annotate it thoroughly.
  • Choose one section of the text you found most interesting/problematic/controversial/stimulating and summarize it in 5-7 sentences.
  • You should use at least one direct quote in this summary with an MLA citation.
  • Construct a complex question for your classmates to answer about that section of the text that will spark a lively debate.

If you are in charge of posting a response, you should:

  • Read the assigned text very closely and annotate it thoroughly.
  • Read ALL of the provocations from the previous group (for example: Group 2 responses to Group 1, Group 4 response to Group 3)
  • Write a thorough, well-researched response that follows the provocation model. In other words, your response needs to have a citation as evidence of your point, and ask a clarifying question at the end.
  • You must respond to at least two of the provocations. 

This is intended to create dialogue.

On the blog, you will post your provocations and responses BEFORE class time as indicated on the syllabus. ONLY post when your group is listed on the syllabus. Use the category and tag provided by your professor for each post.

These posts will be graded on a 5 point scale:

  • 5points= An engaging, thought-provoking post that shows attention to detail and comprehension of the text. Grammar and mechanics must be practically perfect (edit carefully!). Direct evidence from the text with a citation must be included.
  • 4points = An accurate summary and well-composed question that may contain a small, but not catastrophic, misreading or errors in grammar and mechanics.
  • 3points= A sloppy post that shows little effort and does not include the elements listed above.
  • 2points= A post that is a day late, or difficult to read, or phrased in a way that students would be unable to respond.
  • 1point= A post that is a week late, contains numerous errors, and does not contribute to the conversation.
  • 0points= The post does not exist.

Please create these summaries and questions yourself: DO NOT STEAL OTHER PEOPLES WORK. If I find you have plagiarized these posts you will be reported. If you are struggling please come see me or email me with questions.

Grant Drafts for Peer Review

Hello class,

Please post a Google Doc link to a “clean” copy (meaning only the grant text) below by editing this post and pasting it with the names of your group members.


Group 1 –

Isabella Maxey, Annie Smyth-Hammond, Jordan Turner, Taylor Wilkins, and Ariana Olvera

Group 2 – Jill DiOrio, Mannat Bhatia, Collin Bowers, Madi Yurek, and Joe Candon

Group 3 – Yina Dong, Kelsey Wolfsheimer, Megan Biemesderfer, and Jessica Kramer

Group 4 – Emma Adams, Benedict Hegbe, Will Johnston, Mark Perry

In class, please read the entire draft of each group. Then, consult with the members of your group to offer structured, constructive criticism that answers the following questions:

  1. What is the purpose of this grant? Can you articulate a clear outcome?
  2. Is there evidence of research to support the proposed project? Does the research come from reliable sources?
  3. To your knowledge, does the grant use appropriate language to identify the population in need. Does the text use professional, academic language throughout?
  4. Does this project have a reasonable timeline? Can it be accomplished during this semester?
  5. Is the projected budget logical and well-researched?
  6. Would you fund this grant? Why or why not?