Tentative Schedule:

Note: I may need to adjust this syllabus and course schedule to accommodate pedagogical needs as they arise. We will discuss all changes as a class and the new schedule will be reflected on our course blog.

M 1/28 Class: Introductions. Syllabus.

Home: Buy books. Bring in one printed text (book, magazine, journal, poster, card) of your choice.

W 1/30 Class: Rhetorical Analysis: Genre conventions.

Home: Writer/Designer Chapter 1

M 2/4 Class: Visual Rhetoric/ Interface Design. Rhetorical analysis assignment.

Home: Writer/Designer Chapter 2

W 2/6 Class: Intro to sample sites and tools. Examples:

Home: Writer/Designer Chapter 4

M 2/11 Class: Fair use and public domain.

Home: Finish and post rhetorical analysis.

W 2/13 Class cancelled. Attend: Career Services’ Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development Professional Minor Event at 5 pm, Rockland A

Home: Write a blog post about your potential career goals and how they relate to this course. Read service learning articles and

M 2/18 Class: Service Learning. Sites and scheduling group visits.

Home: Read PDF provided by Dr. L

W 2/20 Class: Grant-writing. Style sheets.

Home: Outline grant.

M 2/25 Class: Library visit.

Home: Read selections from Carlos Hernandez poems and write 3 questions for the artist: “In Lieu of the Stories My Santera Abuela Should Have Told Me Herself, This Poem”  <>” and “Saturn Devouring His Young” <>.

Draft grant.

W 2/27 Class: Carlos Hernandez visits. Write a reflection on your experience.

Home: Draft grant.

M 3/4 Class cancelled. Site visit!

Home: Draft grant.

Review And write 3 questions for the artist.

W 3/6 Class: Exsul Van Helden visits.

Home: Read Americanah.

M 3/11 Class: Grant review.

Home: Finish grant. Turn in hard copy, printed, double-sided, double spaced on Wednesday in class.

Read Americanah.


W 3/13 Class: Conferences

Home: Read Americanah. Groups 1 post provocations by Friday the 22nd. Site visit.

3/18- 3/20 Spring Break. No classes.

Read AmericanahGroup 2 post responses by Monday the 25th

M 3/25 Class: Americanah introduction.

Home: Finish Americanah.  Groups 3 post provocations by Wednesday.

W 3/27 Class: Fishbowl for Groups 1 and 2

Home: Site visit. Group 4 post responses by Friday.

M 4/1 Class: Fishbowl for Groups 3 and 4.

Home: Read the book chapter on Liberians (PDF handed out in class, and here ) by Wednesday. Also, Find a news story about refugees or asylum seekers from the past 6 months and bring in a physical copy. Post it to our blog with a 250 word summary by Monday.

W 4/3 Class: Library visit.

Home: Find an article that presents the opposite viewpoint from the previous article and post it to our blog with a 250 word summary by Monday.

M 4/8 Class: Gallery Walk.

Home: Find an academic, peer-reviewed source about immigrants or refugees from your ancestral home and post it to our blog with a 250 word summary. Bring in your headphones, charger, and phone. Download the free NYTVR app before class.

W 4/10 Class: Comics, Graphic Novels, and VR.

Home: Find one visual representation of the refugee/asylum seeker narrative. This can be a video, comic, video game, etc. Download GuardianVR for the video “Limbo” and bring headphones and chargers.

M 4/15 Class: Remix assignment.

Home: Bring in 3 research questions and a rough outline. Site visit.

W 4/17 Class:. Final Project

Home: Develop pitch. Site visit.

M 4/22 Class: Pitch ideas

Home: Final.

W 4/24 Class: Group work

Home: Final.

M 4/29 Class: Group work

Home: Final.

W 5/1 Class: Group work

Home: Final.

M 5/6 Class: Conferences.

Home: Post revised version no later than Friday at noon.

W 5/8 Class: Conferences.

Home: Finish final.

5/9-11 Final presentations Final reflections